Dr Anna Gracia

Dr Anna Gracia

I graduated with distinction from Leeds University in the north of England, holding both a Masters and Bachelor of Dental Surgery. My formative years were spent in Madrid before relocating to the UK at the age of 16 with my family. Being half Spanish and half British, I am fortunate to be bilingual. Following five years of university education, I returned to London, where my family resides, and gained experience working in two different practices.

Longing for the vibrant blue skies and sunshine of my childhood, I, along with my partner Alex, made the adventurous decision to move to Australia. After a year in bustling Sydney, we opted for a quieter coastal lifestyle, which has been a source of immense joy. Australia’s diverse nature and wildlife continue to captivate me, offering a unique contrast to life back home.

As a dentist, I find fulfilment in caring for smiles—the most prominent feature of the face and a crucial element of confidence. Beyond that, dentistry serves as a gateway to overall body health, and I take pleasure in contributing to a healthier lifestyle. With an artistic inclination, I derive joy from intricate work that demands meticulous attention to detail.

Outside of my professional life, I am passionate about wellness, engaging in activities like yoga and meditation. I prioritise outdoor exercise and am eager to enhance my surfing skills to better integrate with the local community.

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