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Root canal therapy vs extraction keyboard_arrow_down

Your natural tooth is better for your overall oral health. By saving a tooth from extraction—and helping prevent the spread of infection—you are taking better care of your oral health. If a tooth needs to be extracted, we strongly recommend dental implant treatment. If you are not suitable for dental implants we offer dental bridge and denture treatments.

Should I get dental veneers or dental crowns? keyboard_arrow_down

This depends on the state of your teeth. For minor imperfections, cosmetic chips or cracks we would recommend dental veneers. However, if you need something to support and strengthen the structure of your tooth then it may be better for you to have dental crowns.

Why should I replace a missing tooth? keyboard_arrow_down

Replacing a missing tooth has a number of health benefits associated with it. For example, if you replace a missing tooth with a dental implant it helps to keep your jawbone and gums healthy as well as preventing your other teeth from becoming crooked. Other tooth replacement treatments include dental bridges and dentures. However, the best tooth replacement option is generally considered to be dental implants.

What tooth whitening treatment do you offer? keyboard_arrow_down

Across our practices we offer Phillips ZOOM! teeth whitening treatments, available in both in-chair and take-home options. With ZOOM! in-chair whitening, you can brighten your smile up to 8 shades in one 45 minute appointment!

Find out more about our teeth whitening, and how it compares to others on our teeth whitening treatment page.

For Dentists

Does Coastal Dental Care offer training? keyboard_arrow_down

Coastal Dental Care is a partner of Australian Institute of Continuing Education (AICE) and we can offer all of our team members discounts on courses for dentists, dental assistants and receptionists. Courses take place monthly and can also be a great way to network with fellow dentists and to share ideas and discuss difficult cases.

How do I join the Coastal Dental Care community? keyboard_arrow_down

Coastal Dental Care is a cooperative of dental practices. If you would like to join our team, simply contact our head office in Southport on (07) 5539 7400.

How does my practice benefit from joining Coastal Dental Care? keyboard_arrow_down

Get the best of both worlds – keep your independence and join a dental network that takes care of your admin and marketing needs. Coastal Dental Care ensures that all practices are equipped with new and high-end technology ranging from CAD/CAM, OPG and Cerec machines to Sirona chairs and intraoral cameras. Our operating system allows our practice to create economies of scale that lower the cost of delivery without impacting on quality. As well, we are as a group of partners able to advertise more cost effectively, purchase at more competitive rates, administer more cost effectively and create a pool of staff that can be utilised efficiently across the brand as required.

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We have over 11 Coastal Dental Care practices across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

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