5 Health Benefits of Having Straighter Teeth



June 17, 2024


5 Health Benefits of Having Straighter Teeth!

There are many benefits to having healthy, well-aligned teeth. If you currently have crooked or crowded teeth, orthodontic treatments such as braces or clear aligners may be a great option to enhance your smile and improve overall oral health.

We have outlined 5 Health Benefits of Having Straighter Teeth!


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1.     Easier to maintain good oral health habits

Having straight and well-aligned teeth may help maintain overall oral hygiene. Crooked and crowded teeth tend to be harder to clean and become a trap for food and plaque. If your teeth are overcrowded or overlapping, it is essential that you slow down and take a little extra time when brushing and flossing them to ensure a thorough clean!

Research has found that Orthodontic treatment, such as clear aligner treatment or braces, may positively change your oral hygiene habits (1).

2.     Reduce strain on your head and facial muscles

Having straighter teeth as a result of orthodontic treatment may help you to reduce strain on your head, neck, and facial muscles. As your teeth become correctly aligned, it can ease the strain on your jaw joints and facial muscles caused by previously misaligned teeth and irregular bite function.

3.     Can lower the risk of chips, cracks, or wear and tear

If your teeth are misaligned, there is generally a higher risk of tooth-on-tooth pressure over a long period of time. This can result in tooth chipping or fracture. In addition to this, tooth-on-tooth interference may also contribute to wear and tear on the surface of your teeth. Both require restorative dental treatment, such as fillings or dental crowns.

4.     Enhance your smile & boost your self-confidence

They say a first impression starts with your smile! Having straighter teeth may help you to enhance your smile and boost your confidence. If you are looking to straighten your teeth and restore harmony to your smile, orthodontic treatment is a great first step. Having well-aligned teeth can also make you a more suitable candidate for other cosmetic treatments such as veneers.

5.     Can reduce the risk of tooth decay, inflammation & gum disease

If your teeth are straight and well aligned, you may find it is more efficient to maintain good oral hygiene habits! Therefore, you may reduce the risk of bacteria and plaque building up over time, which can lead to the development of dental issues such as tooth decay, gingivitis or periodontal disease.


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