COVID-19 Faqs

General COVID-19 Faqs

How can we ensure safety for all staff and patients? 

We value your safety and the safety of all our staff. To ensure we all adhere to government guidelines and restrictions within our practice, please make sure to: 

Our dentists and dental assistants will be wearing masks and other appropriate PPE to ensure they limit contact with you during your appointment.


What if I feel unwell before my appointment? 

If you feel unwell, or may be experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please contact our friendly staff to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible.  

We may give you a quick call prior to your appointment to check your health status. This is to ensure you are feeling well and have not been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or aren’t currently waiting for your COVID-19 test results. 


What happens if there is a lockdown? 

We are open for all types of treatment if there are no lockdowns or restrictions imposed by the government.  

However, in the event of a lockdown, we may only be open for essential or emergency dental treatments. If unsure, please call and speak to one of our reception staff for more information. 


Can I come in for any type of treatment? 

Yes, we are open for all types of treatment. There are no restrictions on dental treatments at present. However, in the event of a lockdown, we may only be open for essential or emergency dental treatments. If unsure, call and speak to one of our reception staff for more information. 


NSW/QLD Border Patients

Do you have to be vaccinated to cross the border?  

Patients are not required to be vaccinated to cross the border at this time. As the government’s health department reviews information, this directive may change. Please refer to your local health department for current information on vaccination requirements. 


What if I do not want to cross the border for treatment? 

If you have trouble getting across the border, please call your regular Coastal Dental Care practice in NSW or QLD. Our friendly team will be able to refer you to the closest Coastal Dental Care practice in your state. They will also be able to transfer your dental records to your new dentist so that they are up to date with your current treatments and can provide you with the best care. 


I am a border patient; can I cross into NSW or QLD to for my appointment? 

If you are a resident at the NSW/QLD border, you may still be able to attend your dental appointment at your local Coastal Dental Care practice in New South Wales or Queensland – if it is where you usually receive treatment.  

Please contact your practice to let the team know you are entering their respective border zone if needed. This means the team can prepare accordingly for your arrival. 

You may need to complete an online border declaration and obtain a border pass to enter NSW or QLD. You can apply for your border pass here. In addition, you may have to show proof of your appointment (a letter provided by us) if requested by border checkpoint personnel.  

Our practices will provide you with a letter before and after your treatment as proof. Please contact them via phone prior to your appointment to arrange the letter.  

To find your nearest practice, you can do so by visiting our practice page. 

For more information visit the Queensland Government website.

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