Custom Mouthguards on the Gold Coast

We offer NO GAP dual layer mouth-guards for all private health fund members with available dental extras. This means, you won't have any out of pocket costs, no matter which health fund you're with.

Custom-made mouthguards at Coastal Dental Care

What is a custom-made mouthguard?

A custom-made mouthguard is designed to fit your mouth seamlessly. It is made of a flexible material which protects your teeth from impact during sporting activities.

By providing support to the jaw, a custom-made mouthguard can help reduce the effects of a concussion.

Each mouthguard can be customised to a patients’ needs. We offer a range of colours and can print pictures and symbols onto the mouthguard.

Custom Made Mouthguards

Treatment suitability

Mouthguards are suitable for children and adults of any age who are looking to protect their teeth from injury. Depending on your age and purpose for the mouthguard, we have three different options available.

What are the different types of mouthguards?

At Coastal Dental Care, we offer 3 types of custom-made mouthguards, they are:

Single layer: Suitable for children under 12, a single layer mouthguard is designed to be flexible for growing teeth. This type of mouthguard is great to help children get used to wearing a mouthguard during sport.

Dual layer: Suitable for children over 12 as well as adults, the dual layer uses thicker components than the single layer. This provides extra support for adult teeth.

Dual layer with hard insert: Suitable for individuals 12 and up, this mouthguard has a hard insert designed especially for shock absorption. The dual layer with hard insert is ideal for high-impact sports.

How much does a mouthguard cost?

We offer NO GAP dual layer mouthguards in a single colour for all private health fund members with available dental extras. That means, you won’t have any out of pocket costs if you are with a private health fund.

For patients without health cover, a mouthguard can cost between $80 and $199. 

How to look after your mouthguard

To keep your mouthguard clean, you should rinse it with cold water or mouthwash before use. Avoid using hot water as this can damage your mouthguard.

After use, you should thoroughly clean the mouthguard with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Alternatively, you can clean the guard with lukewarm, soapy water or denture cleaning tablets.

Our mouths contain a plethora of bacteria and plaque, which is why it is so important to keep your mouthguard clean.

How long does a mouthguard last?

As a rule, you should replace your mouthguard every two years. Due to the pressure of teeth and alternate wetting and drying, the mouthguard will break down over time.

If the mouthguard experiences signs of wear and tear (holes, cracks, loose fitting or irritates the gums) you should replace it as soon as possible. The same goes if the mouthguard experiences a strong impact as its effectiveness might have altered.

Tip: It is always a good idea to bring your mouthguard with you to your dental check-up, so it can be inspected by the dentist.

Over-the-counter vs custom mouthguards

There are two main types of mouthguards; over-the-counter and custom-made mouthguards.

Also known as boil-and-bite, over-the-counter mouthguards are readied for fitting by first immersing the mouthguard material in hot water. Once the mouthguard is sufficiently warmed through, you bite into it to mould it to your teeth.

While this might sound good, these boil-and-bite models are typically less comfortable and less effective than custom-made mouthguards. This is because they only conform to your bite, where a custom-made mouthguard is crafted to fit with the anatomy of your jaw. Further to this, the boil-and-bite models are generally bulky, and if they get too hot, they can lose their shape and become uncomfortable.

On the other hand, custom-made mouthguards are more tolerant to heat. They are also moulded to suit you and will provide the best support.

Mouthguards at Coastal Dental Care

When you visit a Coastal Dental Care dentist, we will discuss your options to determine the best mouthguard option for you. Find your closest practice location today.

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