Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment Gold Coast

Save severely damaged teeth from extraction with root canal therapy.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy

Endodontics (often referred to as root canal therapy) is the area of dentistry dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the dental pulp. This treatment is designed to attempt saving diseased or injured teeth.

Dentists will help you maintain your natural teeth for as long as it’s feasible for the simple reason your natural teeth are the best thing for your oral health. Which is why root canal therapy is carried out.

When is root canal therapy necessary?

Root canal therapy is necessary when the nerve of a tooth (or pulp) becomes diseased or infected predominantly by bacteria. In such cases the nerve of the tooth must be removed. Otherwise, bacteria will begin to grow within the tooth (root canal system). This growth results in pressure and pain.  If root canal therapy is not performed, bacteria will eventually destroy the pulp which can lead to facial swelling for the patient. The supporting structures around the tooth will then become infected and will inevitably lead to tooth loss. Previously, if a tooth became infected or diseased it would have simply been removed. Today however, every possible step is taken to save all teeth and enabling you to keep your natural teeth for life.

Do you need root canal therapy?

To determine if root canal therapy is necessary, we will perform clinical tests. Your dentist also may take x-rays at your dental consultation. Afterwards, our team will assign appointments to you for your root canal therapy. The most important function of the pulp is to guide tooth’s eruption. Once your tooth has come through, the pulp is no longer strictly necessary for the survival of the tooth. Which is why it’s okay to remove all the pulp and the nerves – if necessary – from your tooth.

Throughout your root canal treatment, our team will try to ensure to make you feel comfortable. We will make certain to answer all of your questions. We will work together as a team to preserve your teeth.

After care

It is normal to feel discomfort in the area around the tooth for a couple of days following treatment. Depending on the severity of your treatment, your tooth may require a dental crown, which will help to maintain the strength and structure of your tooth. Generally, your dentist will recommend this extra restorative work once they know how much needs to be carried out on the tooth to save it.

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