Dewi Naibaho

Dewi Naibaho is a professional dental health worker with over 13 years’ dental experience in private and government dental clinics.

Dewi was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery at University of Trisakti, Indonesia in 2005. After three years work as a dental practitioner in Jakarta, Dewi migrated to Australia and started a new life. Since then, she has developed her dental career to Australian standards. She started working as a Dental Assistant before becoming a qualified Dental Hygienist in Adelaide, South Australia.

Having a dental surgery background also gives Dewi the opportunity to offer high-end quality dental care. Moreover, she is very committed to ensure your experience within the dental surgery is positive and motivating toward achieving your optimal oral health.

Dewi is an active member of the Dental Hygiene Association of Australia (DHAA). She regularly attends education courses and seminars related to her field in dental prevention and treatment.

In her spare time, Dewi enjoys keeping active and spending time doing outdoor activities.

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