What are same-day crowns?

Dental crowns are a restorative treatment to save a tooth that is heavily decayed, worn down, chipped, broken or damaged. They can be distinguished in two categories – same-day crowns and traditional dental crowns.

Traditional crowns

The traditional crown treatment requires you to come in for two dental visits. If your dentist has determined that you need a crown during your first visit, he will prepare your tooth for it by reducing the tooth structure to make space for the new cap. In the traditional crown process, the next step would be impression taking.

During this phase, your dentist will take an impression of the area where the crown will get placed. This can either be done digitally or with traditional impression trays filled with silicone material.

Your dental team would then send the impressions to a dental laboratory where dental technicians fabricate your final crown. This process usually takes up to two weeks. In the meantime, your dentist will place a temporary crown to protect the site and allow you to eat, chew and talk.

During your second visit, your dentist will bond your new crown to the prepared tooth.

same-day crown 3d scan on computer screen

Same-day crowns

The main difference between traditional and same-day crowns is that the latter only requires you to come in for a single dental visit. Your crown will be made on-site while you wait instead of in a dental laboratory by a CEREC machine.

The first steps of the treatment are similar to the traditional crown treatment. Your dentist will take a digital impression of your teeth with a 3D scanner, then design your crown on the computer screen. This data will get submitted to the CEREC machine which will then mill your custom-made porcelain crown.

In the last step, your dentist will glaze the new crown to match the appearance of the surrounding teeth. Once finalised, the crown can be placed on the prepared tooth.

Same-day crowns are a time- and price-efficient option as you will only have to come to the dentist for a single appointment.

You can watch a video of the treatment process of one of our CEREC cases at our Coastal Dental Care Runaway Bay practice below.

Same-day CEREC fillings

The CEREC machine also allows our dentists to place same-day porcelain fillings. Porcelain fillings have several advantages compared to old amalgam fillings or composite resin fillings.

Porcelain fillings are a long-lasting option for a tooth that is decayed. Porcelain outperforms composite resin fillings in terms of strength and longevity, and they can match your existing teeth in shape and shade. In addition, porcelain fillings look more natural than silver fillings and blend in with your surrounding teeth.

Same-day crown costs

The cost for same-day crowns vary depending on case, location and condition of the affected tooth. In general, you can expect expenses for a single crown to range from $990 to $1,300.

If you are with a private health fund with major dental extras cover, you may be able to claim part of the treatment. Your dentist will give you an itemised treatment plan at your appointment. Please contact your health fund with the item numbers to find out the exact amount they will pay towards your same-day crown.

All our Coastal Dental Care practices also offer payments plans with zip and Afterpay. You can easily apply for both payment plans online on their websites. Alternatively, please ask our friendly receptionists if you require more information about these options.

Same-day crowns at Coastal Dental Care

Several of our Coastal Dental Care practices offer same-day crowns. Please check the location pages for same-day crown treatment or contact one of our practices online today. Alternatively, you can book a consultation appointment online 24/7.