We Welcome Robina Town Dentist Dr Hinrich Meijer

We would like to extend a warm welcome our newest dentist Dr Hinrich Meijer to our Coastal Dental Care Robina Town practice.

Dr Meijer will be joining a team of 5 dentists in our practice located in the Riverwalk One building.

dr hinrich meijer dentist robina town

About Dr Hinrich Meijer

Hinrich was born in Pretoria, South Africa and moved to Australia when he was 11 years old in 1998.

Originally, Dr Meijer started his career as a dental technician by completing a Bachelor of Dental Technology in 2009. However, he later discovered the rewarding nature of being dentist.

When Hinrich was working as a dental technician there was an encounter that changed his career path for the better. In the early 2010’s, Hinrich was taking a patients tooth shade for a new set of ceramic veneers.Patients entering the lab is somewhat a rare occurrence as a dentist would normally take the shade. Hinrich enjoyed being able to work with the patient first hand to determine an appropriate colour.

What Hinrich didn’t expect was for the patient to return to the dental lab and thank him for the great results. She walked in with tears of joy running down her cheeks and it truly made Hinrich feel like he had improved someone’s life. This touching moment motivated him to change careers and start his career in dentistry.


In 2014, soon after Dr Hinrich Meijer first hands on experience with a patient, he started his Bachelor of Oral Health and Dental Science. Completing his degree in 2016, he continued his education and completed his Graduate Diploma of Dentistry in 2018.

Personal Hobbies

Throughout Hinrich’s 10+ years at university, he worked as a tennis coach. This was a great way for him earn a living while still being involved in a sport that he loves.

Now working as a dentist, Hinrich is looking forward to being able to focus on playing tennis rather than coaching. This along with an average game of golf would make his ideal week.

As well, Hinrich can be found in the gym at 5am every morning to get himself ready for the day.

Working for Coastal Dental Care

Dr Hinrich Meijer is very familiar with the Coastal Dental Care group. In 2010 to 2011 he worked as a dental technician at our Artistic Dental Ceramics lab. Later, he helped as dental assistant at 8 of our Coastal Dental Care locations.

Dr Meijer is looking forward to joining our incredible team which he says is “always friendly and willing to help each other”. Moreover, Hinrich goes on to say “the practice is full with state-of-the-art technology and materials allowing the best possible results for all our patients. It is the best place to ‘practice perfect’”.

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Dr Hinrich Meijer is passionate about providing the best possible care and experience to his patients. Contact our friendly team to book an appointment with Dr Meijer today!