Rabia Naseem

Rabia Naseem

Rabia was born in Fiji, brought up in New Zealand and has been living in Australia since 2013. At the ripe age of 12, Rabia was inspired by a local dentist in New Zealand to pursue the field of dentistry, and since then, she has devoted her time and effort into pursuing this field.

Rabia graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Oral Health Science and since then, she has been working at private dental practices in Melbourne. Rabia’s passion for dentistry enables her to go above and beyond to provide patient care that is comfortable and calming, but also as fun as possible. She understands that for some, dental appointments can be rather daunting, and so by building and maintaining great patient rapport, she aims to decrease the anxiety associated with dental visits. Although she may be new to the coast, her bubbly, passionate and enthusiastic personality allows her to fit right in with the locals.

In her spare time, Rabia enjoys the pleasures of socializing with her family and friends, going on adventures or simply having a quiet one by herself. Being a Melbournian at heart, she would call herself somewhat of a foodie, so she is always open to trying new things and exploring new avenues!


LOCATIONS: Coastal Dental Care Carrara

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