Dental School and Kindergarten Visits

Apr 8, 2017

Our mission at Coastal Dental Care is to help people achieving positive, healthy and long-lasting oral health habits. The basis for good oral hygiene is set in early ages. This is why we support schools and kindergartens to educate the youngest in a fun and relaxed atmosphere visiting them in their classrooms and day care centres.

Our dentists, oral health therapists and dental assistants head out to many schools in the previous years. They do not only explain the importance of dental health but play fun games educating about nutrition and sugar, read stories and demonstrate tooth brushing techniques. In the end, all participating children receive their dental gift bags which set them up to look after their teeth at home. On request we can also bring our Big Tooth who is really popular among the youngest ones.

If you would like to book a dental visit for your school or kindergarten, please send an email with preferred dates and number of classes to [email protected].

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