Coastal Dental Care’s Cash for a Charity

At the end of last year, Coastal Dental Care rewarded hard-working volunteer Ben Noonan for his efforts in the community. In his spare time, Ben helped develop participants at his local sporting clubs.

This time, we are looking to reward two registered charities that work tirelessly to support those in need. For this competition, we have teamed up with Hot Tomato and myGC to provide them with a cash donation to support their cause.

How does Coastal Dental Care’s Cash for a Charity work?

The competition began on Monday the 3rd of February 2020 and will finish Sunday the 1st of March 2020. During this period, we are seeking nominations from the community to nominate a charity of your choice. From the nominations we receive, we will be selecting two registered charities to receive a $500 donation each.

You can nominate a charity by registering online on the myGC website. Furthermore, you must tell us why your charity deserves $500.

In the first week of March, the winners will be selected and announced on the myGC and Coastal Dental Care website.

Who can be nominated?

Do you know someone involved in a hard-working local charity? You can nominate any registered charity group of your choice. This charity may support local sporting clubs, health organisations or injured wildlife. This is your opportunity to nominate a charity that supports a cause close to your heart.

At Coastal Dental Care, we are excited to reward a local charity for their contribution to society. We look forward to hearing about the amazing stories and people within the local community.

Why does Coastal Dental Care want to give cash for charities?

At Coastal Dental Care, we love to support the local Gold and Tweed Coast community any way we can. For this reason, we are always looking for new initiatives to do so.

Charities play a key role in not just our local community but on a global scale. They provide much needed support for specific activities, groups and individuals that need support.

Above all else, selfless community members volunteer their time to operate charities. They take the time out of their day to focus on others. They rely on their own fundraising initiatives and donations from the public in order to operate.

Therefore, we need your help to identify two registered charities who deserve to be rewarded for their contribution.

Coastal Dental Care community support

Coastal Dental Care’s Cash for a Charity is one of many initiatives we run throughout the year. To find out more about our community activities, visit our community support page.