No GAP Check-up & Clean

No Gap Payment on Check-up & Clean

For all health fund members with available dental extras cover, we offer a no gap check-up and clean. This means, you won't have any out of pocket costs.

No Gap Check-up and Clean Dentist

Take advantage of your health fund

Usually health funds cover check-up and cleans every 6 months (twice a year). Please ask one of our staff members or check with your health fund to see what is included in your cover.

Unfortunately health benefits do not roll over each year. Which means you should take advantage of the yearly benefits covered during the 12 months.

No Gap Check-up & Clean

We offer a No Gap Check-up and Clean for members of ALL private health funds with available dental extras cover. You can use your health fund app, check your membership benefits online, or give your health fund a call to find out how much you have available.

The No Gap promotion applies to all our Coastal Dental Care practices.

Importance of a Check-up & Clean

Having your teeth professionally cleaned and checked is extremely important to your overall health, and can help with the prevention and detection of oral health concerns. A professional clean and checkup is designed to detect dental problems such as gum disease, as well as a host of other dental and general health problems.

How often do you need to visit the dentist?

We recommended visiting the dentist for a check-up and clean every 6 months. As well, your Coastal Dental Care dentist will discuss the appropriate dental hygiene routine with you.

Maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine, and attending regular dental visits, will help prevent dental problems. This means, you may also maintain your natural teeth for life.

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