Genevieve Nguyen

Genevieve Nguyen is an Oral Health Therapist at Coastal Dental Care Runaway Bay. She is a respectable, patient focused team member who enjoys putting smiles on faces.

She enjoys her time in the dental practice as she gets the opportunity to teach patients the importance of oral hygiene.

Genevieve loves all aspects of dentistry but in particularly likes to educate patients on preventative measures and providing them with a customised treatment plan. This enables her to treat them more effectively and helps to monitor and track their progress.

From past experiences, she understands what it is like to have a bad dental experience as she previously went through one herself. For this reason, Genevieve takes great care in her work to ensure all of her patients are provided with the best possible care.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading books, going to the beach, and venturing out into the mountains around Queensland to explore the environment.

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