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Our Coastal Dental Care dentists are highly skilled and are qualified in many aspects of dentistry. Located throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern New South Wales, we can help you with any dental emergency you may have.

Do you need to find an emergency dentist on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Northern New South Wales? Contact one of our practices today.

A dental emergency can happen at any time, and so it’s important to have an  in mind in case the worst does occur. It can be a shocking moment to realise a part of your tooth has chipped away, or perhaps you’ve awoken to swollen or irritated gums.
In some cases, a lost filling or a broken tooth can be followed by a sudden rush of sharp or dull pain to the affected area.

If you find yourself in such a situation and need a dentist fast, don’t panic. Usually in these circumstances, our practices can fit you in between appointments to ensure your dental emergency is seen as soon as possible.

emergency dentist gold coast chipped tooth

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is not necessarily classified in terms of pain. Lost fillings or crowns and fractured or chipped teeth are just as much a dental emergency as a broken or dislocated jaw.

Especially common in sports are accidents where teeth become broken or dislodged. An emergency visit to the dentist is valuable in these instances as teeth can be saved, where they otherwise would not if left untreated. When a tooth cannot be saved, procedures for a replacement crown, cap, or replacement tooth can be made straight away. At Coastal Dental Care, we believe prevention is better than cure. So if you are sport fanatic, protect your teeth and get fitted with a custom-made mouthguard on the Gold Coast. This way, you may prevent the impact of a dental sporting accident in the future.

Contrary to popular belief, a toothache can also be a good reason to see an emergency dentist. A ‘simple’ toothache can be the underlying cause of tooth decay, an exposed root canal, an infection in the gums (usually associated with swelling and inflammation) or even gum abscesses.

Below is a list of common dental emergencies:

What should I do if I need an emergency dentist?

In a dental emergency, you should contact your local Gold Coast dentist straight away and book an appointment at their earliest convenience. If your emergency dentist cannot fit you in for a couple of hours, there are a few at home care treatments that can help ease the pain temporarily.

emergency dentist gold coast tooth ache

Dental Emergency at home care:

Payment options for dental emergencies

The absolute last thing you want to worry about in a dental emergency is being able to budget and pay for your service. At Coastal Dental Care, we offer a wide range of payment plans like Afterpay, ZipPay and ZipMoney.

With these payment plans you don’t need to worry about paying the full amount on the spot.

If you are unsure as to whether you need a dentist, it is always best to ring and discuss your situation with one of our Gold Coast dentists. They can let you know if the issue is serious and help address any concerns you may have.

Speak to one of our Gold Coast team members or request an appointment online today.

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