Candice begins her journey to a new smile

We were lucky enough to meet Candice last week for her initial consultation with Dr Page and Dr Hills. We are excited to share her journey with you all.

Given Candice’s extensive dental needs, Coastal Dental Care has referred her to Dental Implants & Aesthetics for an opinion with regards to the placement of dental implants to restore her failing dentition.

It is clear from her initial consultation that her smile or lack of a smile has had a huge impact on her daily life. So far, we have taken photographs as well as x-rays and scans, along with physical records to enable us to formulate a treatment plan.

Our first goal will be to re-establish health and get Candice out of pain. Once this has been achieved we will commence the reconstructive stage of her treatment.

Coastal Dental Care is very excited and grateful to be given the opportunity to accompany Candice on this journey of transformation.

Candice is the lucky recipient of a smile makeover thanks to 90.9 Sea FM’s ‘Galey To The Rescue’ segment.

Her cracked, discoloured and decaying teeth have been the source of embarrassment for her for many years.

You can read Candice’s backstory here.

See the video of the announcement live on Sea FM below.

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